I am Ravi Bhoraskar, and this is my blog.

I used to think (as everyone probably does) that I have great ideas and thoughts that ought to be shared with the rest of the world. Hence I created this blog to document and share my thoughts and ideas. Having seen them written down, turns out most of them weren’t all that impressive after all. Yet, I pursue with this blog, to document the thoughts of the current me for the future me, if nothing else.

I can’t promise you what the blog will be. I can however tell you what it won’t be. It won’t be an account of my daily life. That’s boring and conceited. Unless I find something intellectually stimulating that stems from something that happened to me, you won’t find much about me on the blog. What you will find is things that I am passionate about at the point of time when I write the post. Things as varied as Computer Science, morality, poetry, politics, fiction, movies, puzzles and I don’t know what else. Read the blog to find out.

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